“An individual step in character training is to put responsibility on the individual.”

- Sir Robert Baden-Powell


Provisional camping is camping on an individual basis, without a troop.  It is designed for Scouts who want to come to Camp T. Brady Saunders, but cannot make it with their troop, or their troop is not attending camp.  It is also for Scouts who want to attend additional weeks of summer camp, beyond what their troop has planned.
The Provisional Camper is under the leadership of a volunteer leader acting as his Scoutmaster in camp.  The Provisional Camper will take part in camp programs and activities as a member of a Provisional Troop.

Provisional Scouts will become part of another unit attending camp or if enough Provisional Campers attend camp, they will be assigned to a provisional troop with a volunteer scout master for the week.  All regular camp fees apply to provisional Scouts and can be found on the registration form below, the only difference is the hold-a-spot fee for a Provisional Scout is $25.

Provisional Camper Registration Form

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