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Ranger Challenge

Ranger Challenge is a program designed for older Scouts who seek a different experience than a week of earning just merit badges at camp!

A wide variety of activities will be offered each week which may include special canoe outings on the James, Dutch Oven feasts, Zip line, 3D Archery Adventures, Night Canoe Trips, Crabtree Falls Night Hikes, and so much more!

The boys may also have a chance to shoot black powder rifles and make their own musket ball, throw axes and knives and all of the other skills that are needed to become a well-rounded woodsman!  Nature study and outdoor awareness is built into all parts of the program. 

This program is conducted by our camp staff and is designed around their specialties.

Adults are welcome to participate and help out where necessary.  A Scout must be 14 years of age and be physically fit.  At the end of the week, the participants can purchase the “Ranger Challenge” rattlesnake hat at the Trading Post and participants will receive a special patch.  The program will be altered or changed due to extreme weather conditions.  At least 2 of the programs will be offered after supper.

A Ranger Challenge permission form is required for participation in the program and is availablein the link to the right.