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Trail Blazers - First Year Camper Program

Trail Blazers is a first-year camper program designed for the brand new Scout, the Scout that has just moved up from Webelos or joined the troop for the first time right before camp.  It is more of an orientation to the out-of-doors and to the facilities at Camp T. Brady Saunders.  Its purpose is to help the new Scout get comfortable with Scouting’s methods and teach vital camping skills. 

A scout attends Trail Blazers from 9AM-12PM in the Trail Blazer area and the afternoon in merit badge classes. One of the afternoon merit badge periods will be the swimming merit badge or instructional swim.  During the other afternoon merit badge period they will have a choice of a handicraft merit badge (Indian Lore, Space Exploration, Basketry, or Leatherworking) *Additional fees for supplies will be required*. Each Thursday night, all Trail Blazer Scouts will be away from the home troop for a special backpacking camp-out; they will be leaving at 4:00 PM to set up camp, return for retreat and dinner in the dining hall and then enjoy a night of fun and activity just for Trail Blazers. They will also be putting on their own campfire for their scoutmasters.  We ask that every scoutmaster that has a Scout in the Trail Blazers program please attend the campfire to see the hard work their scouts have done throughout the week. 

Special Equipment Needed

Each Scout participating in Trail Blazers will need, besides his regular camping gear, the following items that will be used in the Trail Blazers program:

  • A day pack or book bag of some type
  • Paper and Pencil
  • His Scout Handbook
  • A pocket knife
  • A Canteen or water bottle
  • A small personal first aid kit
  • Rain Gear
  • Hot Spark Fire Starter (Trading Post purchase)
  • Compass—with at least 2 degree increments