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Trail Blazers - First Year Camper Program

First Year Camper Program
Throughout the week, first year campers will blaze their own path on the trail to Eagle while having the time of their life!  The Trail Blazers program will combine both rank requirements and a love of the outdoors to instill in the young Scouts a desire to achieve.  It will also inspire them to look deeper into Scouting and the experiences it can bring.  This program is designed to expose young Scouts to the requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class ranks.

Our Vision

To provide young Scouts the best opportunity to experience the Scouting program at Camp T. Brady Saunders; to supply these young men with the tools and experiences needed to be successful in their scouting careers; make their experience with Trail Blazers one that will be remembered and relied on for the rest of their lives; but most importantly, have fun at everything they do!
We are all excited and enthusiastic to have the opportunity to work with these future Eagle Scouts! 

Trail Blazers Description:

Trail Blazers is a first-year camper program designed for the brand new Scout, the Scout that has just moved up from Webelos or joined the Troop for the first time just before camp.  It is more of an orientation to the out-of-doors and to the facilities at Camp T. Brady Saunders.  Its purpose is to help the new Scout get comfortable with Scouting’s methods and teach vital camping skills. 

A Scout attends Trail Blazers from 9 AM - noon in the Trail Blazer area and the afternoon in merit badge classes. One of the afternoon merit badge periods will be the swimming merit badge or instructional swim.  During the other afternoon merit badge period they will have a choice of a handicraft merit badge (Indian Lore, Space Exploration, Basketry, or Leatherworking) Each Thursday night, all Trail Blazer Scouts will participate in a special evening activity.